Galaxy Group

After much consultation with experienced farmers, others in the industry and with nearly 40 years of invaluable experience in the farming and engineering industry, Galaxy Group has taken their product range to a whole new level.

Galaxy Group’s mower range originates from the well know Vogal brand. In 1958, Vogal became known as manufacturers of quality machinery. By building on this foundation and our own set of internal values, we have a complete new and improved range of Galaxy mowers.

Galaxy Group’s “Tecnofruit” harvesting equipment is an imported range of machinery from the company Frumaco Europe situated in northern Italy. Their passion for horticultural equipment and willingness to innovate progressive harvesting solutions matches with our vision of bringing real value to those who invest in our products.

Mission Statement

Galaxy Group is committed to supplying reliable, innovative machinery and attachments to the horticultural industry. With proven designs and culture of continuous improvement, we can be depended on for the future.

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