Everything You Need to Know About Our Innovative Mechanical Harvesters

Harvesting fruit quickly and efficiently is a tall order in farming these days. An ordinary harvest requires a high number of fast and conscientious pickers, with a low rate of fruit damage, in order to be economically viable. However, as picker shortages continue to be felt across NZ and beyond, farmers have been forced to find alternatives – or else suffer damaging shortfalls. It is for this very reason, that here at Galaxy Group we offer Tecnofruit harvester machinery, in order to reduce the number of pickers farmers require, and at the same time increase the efficiency and quality of the harvest.

How are Tecnofruit Harvesters Different?

Designed around the concept of a “work hub”, the Tecnofruit enables farmers to employ a smaller number of manual pickers without compromising on productivity. With the Tecnofruit, a lower number of pickers work to a higher level of performance as compared to traditional picking. Conversely, the dual mechanical and manual harvesting process also sees a reduction in damaged and/or poorly chosen fruit.

The Tecnofruit Harvester works by supporting a small team of up to six pickers. Mechanical platforms can be positioned at various heights to reach to the top of the tree without strain and with optimal ergonomics. Pickers are also supplied with electric clippers, further reducing fatigue and increasing productivity. Furthermore, mechanical conveyors belts remove the need for heavy picking bags and are purpose-built to gently deposit fruit into your pallets.

Advances in farming technology also means that the Tecnofruit is a much more manoeuvrable and adaptable machine, one that has proven excellent on a wide variety of terrains, and appropriate for use in a wide number of different crops – including avocado.

The automatic trailer system is the icing on the cake, by making light work of its five hydraulic functions: the transport of the empty fruit containers, lifting empty fruit containers, moving full fruit containers, offloading full containers and hydraulic steering.

Finally, the Tecnofruit can be used year-round, from harvesting, to green and winter pruning, to manual thinning, and the installation and maintenance of hail nets, along with many other applications. As a farming tool, the Tecnofruit provides a high value that extends well beyond its primary harvesting function.

Our Unique Mechanical Harvesters

We offer two mechanical harvesters: the Tecnofruit CF-105 for row distances from 3m-3.9m and plant heights to a maximum of 3.6m, and the Tecnofruit CF-110 for row distances of 3.6m-4.5m and plant heights to a maximum of 4m. Both are designed to be multi-purpose, and our complete range of accessories can be added to customise your model as required, such as the addition of our avocado kit.

Improve Your Harvest with our Tecnofruit Harvester

Contact Galaxy Group for expert advice regarding any of our fruit harvesters. We will be happy to assist you improve the productivity and quality of your harvest.