Galaxy Group Product Spotlight: Technofruit Harvesters

For farmers across New Zealand, a successful crop is dependent on a range of factors. While some aspects are out of our control, like weather, there are many factors still to consider. These factors can be individually determined but won’t always ensure high quality and yield at the end of the season. For farmers that want to create an efficient and safe environment for their fruit pickers while jumping into the world of robotic fruit picking, Technofruit harvesters have always offered a reliable choice.

Why You Should Choose a Technofruit Harvester

A long-standing player in the agricultural world, the range of Technofruit harvesters have offered a sense of reliability in the daily operations of farmers worldwide. The value of these robotic fruit picking machines has been proven through the numerous fruit farms, spanning 27 countries that have adopted Technofruit on their farms.

Technofruit harvesters were first created to optimise the harvesting process on farms. Since that first goal, this range of agricultural machines has gone on to help and assist many other farming applications across the year instead of just within harvest season. Year-round uses include harvesting, green and winter pruning, thinning, installation and maintenance of hail nets, among other tasks.

Designed around a “work hub” concept, the Tecnofruit enables farmers to employ a smaller amount of manual pickers without compromising productivity. With the Tecnofruit, a lower number of pickers work to a higher level of performance than traditional picking. Conversely, the dual mechanical and manual harvesting process also reduces damaged and poorly chosen fruit.

All machines within the Technofruit range have also been designed with cost and environmental aspects considered. With all models equipped with TIER4 Diesel engines, these engines create a low CO2 emission level and have a lowered fuel consumption rate when compared to other agricultural machinery.

Tecnofruit CF-105 & Tecnofruit CF-110

The Technofruit CF-105 and 110 offer a compact design, ideal for large companies due to their high-quality efficiency and ease of use. Between these two models, the generous standard of row distances ranges from 3m to 4.5m with plant heights of 3.6m to 4m. While there are differences between these two models, they both offer fuel consumption and emission levels following tier 4 norms.

Automatic Bins Trailer

The Automatic Bins Trailer completes the Tecnofruit range. With five hydraulic functions, this machine will take care of the transport offloading of all empty and full fruit bins. This trailer can carry up to 16 empty containers and three full containers.

Zero Point Avocado Kit

Avocados are available in a wide range of varieties, each differing in harvest conditions and general size and shape. Technofruits Zero Point Avocado Kit has been created to offer a machine that can smoothly handle these different varieties without damaging your fruit and ensuring you retain high harvest rates.

Improve Your Harvest with Tecnofruit Harvester Machinery

If you want to be fully prepared for the upcoming harvest season or increase your farm’s productivity, contact Galaxy Group, we offer the best orchard machinery in New Zealand. Revolutionise your orchard operations today.