Going by the wayside are the days when workers will need to bring a ladder and have a bag strapped to them to help collect the ripe fruit, not only is this method slow and tedious, but can cause injury to the workers and excessive damage to the fruit. The vastly superior way of getting your staff to pick fruit is with harvesters. They not only allow for more people to work simultaneously on both sides of the row. But also being able to pick the lower and higher halves of the tree at the same time. This is able to be done with the standing platforms that the harvesters come equipped with.


While some people may doubt the effectiveness of harvesters being used to help productivity, there have been numerous cases that show how this machine really does improve output for orchard owners, amongst others. In one particular case using the Tecnofruit harvester this farmer was able  to attain a packout of 99.5%. They have since gone on to purchase more Tecnofruit harvesters for use on their property.

Some of the greatest benefits for the use of harvesters are:

  • Allowing safer working conditions for employees. As they will not have to carry a partial or fully loaded bag of produce anywhere. Potentially causing lower back problems.
  • Not having to balance themselves on a ladder, or needing to carry a ladder with them at all times. It also removes any danger from falling off the ladder due to wet or damp conditions, or uneven ground under the ladder.
  • Having the bin positioned at the back of the harvester, with a belt conveyor system, be able to safely and without unnecessary damage place the produce into the bins (which when the bins are full, the harvester swap over the full on for an empty one).
  • The ability to connect pneumatic hoses and shears to the harvester. So not only can you pick from the harvester, but it can also be used as a platform to prune any branches that are no longer required on the tree.


While the Tecnofruit harvester is more than capable of handling its own during harvesting. Where it also shines is being versatile enough to be used throughout the year. Whether that is by taking off the conveyor belt system from the frame and utilising it as a pruning stand (as mentioned earlier). Or as a mobile ladder when erecting any hail netting (or other protective netting), it also has the ability to be fitted with lighting, allowing you to work from it at night, while maintaining correct safety standards.

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