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Why a Better Fruit Harvest Begins with Leaf Removal

When people think about harvesting machinery, a leaf remove machine isn’t what normally first comes to mind. Leaf removers are the quiet achievers of the harvesting world, as they can significantly improve fruit production and quality in orchards and vineyards. In this blog we will shine a light on this little talked about harvesting aid: what they are, how they work, and why you should invest in your own leaf

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Cut Apple Picking Losses Now!

For apple orchardists, post-harvest losses are common and difficult to manage. New Zealand’s apple picking seasons can be short, and for the pickers themselves, who are paid by piece rate, there is a constant tension between apple quality and apple quantity. In this blog we will discuss the main causes of post-harvest losses and how a mechanical harvest machine can provide a quick and easy solution. A Snapshot of Apple

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A Cut Above The Rest

Regardless of what type of orchard you have, mowing is one of those things that whether you like it or not, is going to happen. And while you may be able to do all your mowing on site with one tractor and mower combo, it isn’t a small job to be done. As depending on the size of your orchard, your mower may be running every day, especially in the

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Going by the wayside are the days when workers will need to bring a ladder and have a bag strapped to them to help collect the ripe fruit, not only is this method slow and tedious, but can cause injury to the workers and excessive damage to the fruit. The vastly superior way of getting your staff to pick fruit is with harvesters. They not only allow for more people

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Harvester Machinery

The debate over which brand of harvester machinery is better than which other brands have been going on for years. However, there is a new debate now, robotic harvesters or manual harvesters machinery. While there has been some solid progression in what robots are capable of being able to achieve, have they come far enough to be able to reliably replace us by ensuring that only the correct and ripe produce is

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Pneumatic Shears

While cutting plants for gardening goes back further than a thousand years in Europe and East Asia. Having scissors only designed for gardening work has existed in Europe from 1819, where a French aristocrat Antonie Francois Vertrand de Molleville was listed as the inventor of the secateurs. Since then secateurs or shears have come a long way. Nowadays it is more widely common to see people using pneumatic shears in

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