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Galaxy Group Product Spotlight: Technofruit Harvesters

For farmers across New Zealand, a successful crop is dependent on a range of factors. While some aspects are out of our control, like weather, there are many factors still to consider. These factors can be individually determined but won’t always ensure high quality and yield at the end of the season. For farmers that want to create an efficient and safe environment for their fruit pickers while jumping into

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Why You Need an Automatic Fruit Picker

Automatic fruit pickers and harvesters have become a game-changer for the horticultural and agricultural industry. With a limited and declining workforce making fruit picking less and less viable in the last few years, these automatic fruit pickers have become a lifeline for farmers and their consumers across the globe. No longer a luxury option, automated fruit pickers and harvesters are being seen in a large majority of farms, lightening the

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Who is Darwin Harvesting?

If you’ve worked with Galaxy Group before, then you know we supply innovative harvester machinery by Tecnofruit. That’s not about to change, what has changed is the Tecnofruit name. The team at Technofruit felt it was time for a change and have changed their name. Tecnofruit is now Darwin Harvesting, and they have launched an informative website to go with their new look. Their extraordinary orchard harvesting machines are still

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Equipment You Need for Orchard Management

We all know good orchard management starts with your tools, but what about your equipment? Big ticket items may not seem “essential” but when dealing with labour shortages and harvest challenges, they’re actually a must. And just like with your orchard tools, you want to choose the best possible orchard equipment and machinery available. Look for products that are high quality and durable, from respected manufacturers like Galaxy Group. From fruit harvesters

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Solve the Fruit Picking Labour Shortage with Harvester Machinery

  Fruit and veg producers have been under extreme pressure since the pandemic began to fill the gaps in an already short labour market. Finding pickers has become increasingly tough, with the slowdown of backpackers and closure of borders putting a wall between farmers and their usual labour force. Coupled with this, farmers have struggled to lure local job-seekers into farms, thanks to tough working conditions and reputational damage to

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Dry Matter In Avocados

An avocados dry matter directly influences the shelf life of your product. Dry matter is the solid content within the avocado minus its water content, and it’s known as an indicator of mature fruit. Measuring the dry matter in your harvest has become one of the most reliable methods to indicate avocados ripeness. Making avocado harvesting much more straightforward for these climacteric fruits.  Let’s have a closer look at how

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