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Everything You Need to Know About Our Innovative Mechanical Harvesters

Harvesting fruit quickly and efficiently is a tall order in farming these days. An ordinary harvest requires a high number of fast and conscientious pickers, with a low rate of fruit damage, in order to be economically viable. However, as picker shortages continue to be felt across NZ and beyond, farmers have been forced to find alternatives – or else suffer damaging shortfalls. It is for this very reason, that

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Improve Your Farm Operations with an Orchard Mower

How Orchard Mowers Improve Crops Orchard mowers are the unexpected hero of orchard farming. Mowing is a simple yet effective method to improve the quality of your fruit, reduce the incidence of pests, and improve soil conditions. Orchard mowers actually have two functions: to mow and to mulch. Mowers are used to cut grass and remove the grass cuttings. In contrast, mulchers are used to leave an evenly deposited layer

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A Cut Above The Rest!

The world of pruning may seem like a laid-back easy-going job, but do not be mistaken this is a cutthroat industry where if you aren’t offering a quality product, then your chances of being around for the next season are slim at best. The quality of product that we are talking about isn’t just focussed on the materials used to create your pruning shears, chainsaw or olive shaking devices. The

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Why a Better Fruit Harvest Begins with Leaf Removal

When people think about the harvest machines, a leaf remove machine isn’t what normally first comes to mind. Leaf removers are the quiet achievers of the harvesting world, as they can significantly improve fruit production and quality in orchards and vineyards. In this blog we will shine a light on this little talked about harvesting aid: what they are, how they work, and why you should invest in your own

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Cut Apple Picking Losses Now!

For apple orchardists, post-harvest losses are common and difficult to manage. New Zealand’s apple picking seasons can be short, and for the pickers themselves, who are paid by piece rate, there is a constant tension between apple quality and apple quantity. In this blog we will discuss the main causes of post-harvest losses and how a mechanical harvest machine can provide a quick and easy solution. A Snapshot of Apple

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A Cut Above The Rest

Regardless of what type of orchard you have, mowing is one of those things that whether you like it or not, is going to happen. And while you may be able to do all your mowing on site with one tractor and mower combo, it isn’t a small job to be done. As depending on the size of your orchard, your mower may be running every day, especially in the

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