Vortex Leaf Remover

  • Two individually adjustable blowing heads, featuring rotors, and tilting control.
  • Working speed: 0.6 -1 mph (1-1.5 km/h)
  • Average coverage: 1 hour=1 acre (1 hectar=2 1/2 hours)
  • Adjustable air blowing pressure: from 7 to 13 psi (0.5 0,9 bar)
  • Pto operated (min. 80 hp tractor required, 750 to 1000 rpm)
  • Blowing heads hydraulic tilting up to 90°
  • Frame Max. Height: 10 ft (300 cm)

OLMI deleafer model ORTEX has been designed to ensure an Effective and Targeted removal of the unnecessary leaves in apple orchards, without harming the fruit tree.

VORTEX is based on the precision air stream technology, developed over more than 20years of experience in vineyard deleafing. This system is categorized by the emission of an adjustable low-pressure airflow delivered through four rotating disc diffusers.

Besides deleafing, VORTEX also enables us to below away possible hidden impurities ( nest, pets ) reducing the discards during the fruit processing phase.

TARGETED DELEAFING operated by VORTEX considerably increase apple’s sunlight exposure and proved to be particularly effective in improving the color intensity especially on red varieties, such as Pink Lady, Fuji, Kanzi, Ambrosia and Rosy Glow.

leaf remove machine


  • Effective leaf removal without harming the fruit tree
  • Increased crop commercial value due to higher duality of apples
  • Considerable savings on manual labor
  • Possibly no need of using reflective film


  • During BLOSSOMING’ prevents an excessive flowering
  • During RIPENING (from 25 to 7 days prior to the harvest): targeted deleafing enables to noticeably increase the color as well as the quality of apple.