Who is Darwin Harvesting?

If you’ve worked with Galaxy Group before, then you know we supply innovative harvester machinery by Tecnofruit.

That’s not about to change, what has changed is the Tecnofruit name. The team at Technofruit felt it was time for a change and have changed their name. Tecnofruit is now Darwin Harvesting, and they have launched an informative website to go with their new look.

Their extraordinary orchard harvesting machines are still top of the market, but in case you need a refresh, let’s revisit what makes Darwin Harvesting machinery so important.


Gone are the Days of Exhausting Fruit Picking by Hand

A limited and ageing workforce is making hand picking less and less viable in 2021. In an ordinary harvest, farms require a large workforce to pick an even larger amount of fruit. Furthermore, they also need to minimise fruit damage, in order to be economically viable.

Unfortunately, picker shortages continue to persist across NZ and beyond, making mechanical harvesting no longer a luxury option.

For this reason, Galaxy Group has been supplying Darwin Harvesting machinery, in order to reduce the number of pickers down to the minimum, while improving ergonomic conditions, and the quality of the fruit.

In the past, fruit harvesting machine had significant disadvantages compared to manual picking. Machinery could damage crops and could only handle very flat surface conditions. Old machinery also did not allow farms to utilise experienced pickers who are trained to pick the most appropriate fruit.

Old fruit harvesting machinery forced farmers to make the impossible choice between high production (harvest machinery) and quality fruit (manual picking). In practice, this created a split among orchards, where most fruits and vegetables intended for fresh consumption are picked manually by hand, while processed fruits are mechanically harvested and lower in quality and less nutritious as a result. Well, not anymore.


Mechanical Harvesting has Changed Orchard Operations for Good

Darwin Harvesting machinery allows farmers to combine their best pickers with the speed and convenience of mechanical harvesting.

Farmers can now employ a smaller number of manual pickers without compromising on fruit quality or quantity.

Darwin Harvesting machines support a team of up to six pickers. Each platform is positioned at different heights to gain access to the tree without strain or need for ladders. From there, mechanical conveyor belts gently transition the fruit to pallets without the need for heavy picking bags. No more stripping the tree or adding undesirable fruit to the mix.

Darwin Harvesting has also overcome mechanical challenges. Their machines are easily manoeuvrable and suited to a wide variety of terrains. Many farmers who may have once missed out on harvesting machinery can now make use of this fantastic solution.

The Darwin Harvesting machine can also be used year-round for many tasks, such as green and winter pruning, manual thinning, and the installation of nets. They represent fantastic ROI and a long-term solution to the challenges of worker shortages.


Improve Your Harvest with Darwin Harvester Machinery

Contact Galaxy Group for expert advice regarding any of our fruit harvesters. We will be happy to assist you improve the productivity and quality of your harvest.