Why You Need an Automatic Fruit Picker

Automatic fruit pickers and harvesters have become a game-changer for the horticultural and agricultural industry. With a limited and declining workforce making fruit picking less and less viable in the last few years, these automatic fruit pickers have become a lifeline for farmers and their consumers across the globe.

No longer a luxury option, automated fruit pickers and harvesters are being seen in a large majority of farms, lightening the workload of their already tightly numbered labourers. If your farm wants to cut costs without quality and create a safer and less demanding work environment for your staff, then an automatic fruit picker may be the answer to all your worries.


Decrease Labour Shortage Impacts

Finding seasonal fruit pickers has always been challenging, especially since the stop of backpackers and international travellers. Border closures and other global implications saw a wall built between farmers and their usual workforce.

Thankfully, automatic fruit pickers have become a source to alleviate this issue. While they haven’t been able to solve it completely, these machines have worked to reduce the number of labourers needed and the intensity of their work—all without compromising the quality of these farms’ fruit and produce.


Offer a Safer Workplace

With multiple level platforms, a conveyor belt and a large volume of baskets making up the design and features of these automatic fruit pickers, it has created a safer environment for fruit pickers.

These multi-layered platforms remove the need for ladders, allowing pickers to safely reach various heights of your trees without the need for large and heavy picking bags. Winning favour with health and safety officers across the country, automatic pickers have not only created a more attractive setting for seasonal labourers but has created a space where the looming threat of injury has been drastically decreased.


Increase Productivity and Lowered Costs

With a safer and less labour-intensive workplace, you’ll be guaranteed to see an increase in productivity within your orchard. In addition, the design of these automatic machines removes the extra time needed to move around ladders or stock your heavy bag of fruit within a bin for sorting later, offering a streamlined function that will save your farm time and money.

These automated harvesters work to pick all the fruit from a tree at once, allowing farmers to combine their best pickers with the speed and convenience of automatic harvesting. This means you’ll be saving both your pickers and packers time by removing the need to strip the tree or add undesirable fruit to the mix.

Automated harvesters aren’t just crucial during harvest season; they can also be used year-round for tasks including pruning, manual thinning, and the installation of nets.

With high-performance levels and close attention to environmental aspects, these harvesters are also equipped with TIER4 Diesel engines with low CO2 emissions and low fuel consumption. As a result, farmers will see a decrease in their costs and a rise in productivity across their whole operations compared to traditional harvest methods.


Improve Your Farms Operations With Galaxy Group

All of these benefits from automatic harvesters offer fruit farmers a modern and efficient means of responding to the productivity requirements of today’s orchards.

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