We enable orchard operations to be more productive and more profitable by making year-round tasks faster and easier, reducing labour costs, and increasing pack out rates through better fruit handling.

The Right Platform for your Orchard.

Harvesting fruit is the culmination of all the work you’ve put in to achieve optimum yield and ripeness. We don’t need to tell you that getting it right means everything for orchard profitability.

At Galaxy Group, we have the right platform to suit any orchard system. Whether it’s a Belt Platform, Tethered Platform, or a Standard Platform, you can increase pack outs by at least 5% through gentler handling of fruit and less bruising.

Orchard platforms make picking and other tasks safer and more enjoyable by eliminating many of the health and safety issues associated with ladders and picking bags. Safer, easier working conditions make orchard work more attractive, particularly for older, experienced career pickers wanting to keep working in the industry.

The Galaxy Group Service.

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