Super Mini Tirol

The Super Mini Tirol is a single level platform with a narrow footprint that is designed specifically for working in tighter row spacings.

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Big 2000 3M

Big 2000 4M

These single level standard platforms are a versatile option for year-round orchard management tasks – from harvesting, pruning, and thinning to hail net installation, tree training, and block establishment. Levelling is an option on both platforms, enabling them to work on sloping terrain.

The Big 2000 3M is 3 metres long.
The Big 2000 4M is 4 metres long.

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4RM Evolution

This split level, two-platform machine is the ultimate in versatility for the modern orchard. An optional third level enables harvesting teams to focus on specific zones of the fruit wall, ensuring more fruit is picked and reducing the number of machine passes down the row.

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“The Galaxy guys have been incredibly supportive. They’re passionate about what they do and have really made an effort to help us understand how to make the Tecno machines work for us. Support is always there – we’re not just left to work it out for ourselves.”

Murray Booth, CAJ van der Voort, Alexandra.

“ When the Galaxy boys convinced us to trial the new SBX30 Wide Belt, our productivity went from 40 bins a day per platform to 65 bins a day per platform. We only have three weeks to harvest our envy crop and this wider belt definitely helped us get it done faster. ”

Pea Hunt, Eastern Bay Orchards.

“ By the end of the season, productivity with the Tecnofruit platform will probably be 50% higher than it would have been with ladders and picking bags. It’s an absolute no brainer to use this technology to make people more productive. "

Tim Egan, Illawarra Limited.